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marketing your idea and business

Marketing your idea or business

Course Description Employing critical thinking when marketing is all too important today due to the numerous paths available towards reaching a business goal. Consider that you can employ an array of marketing strategies from word-of-mouth marketing, to social media marketing, radio and television, and within each channel there are numerous paths that you can employ …

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Securing your website

Securing your Website from Hackers

Course Description WordPress security is a topic of massive importance for every website owner and getting your website hacked is one of the worst things that can happen to your business. It’s becoming easier to hack a site that isn’t secure, and a lot of users using WordPress-based websites know this to be true either …

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build your ecommerce

Building your Shopify eCommerce Website

Course Description Repellat perspiciatis cum! Doloremque ea viverra eu doloremque tellus aliqua gravida fuga dolorum augue, donec beatae. Class urna et doloremque facilisis autem risus fuga nullam quibusdam, tortor deleniti, accumsan dolorem? Posuere hac? Tellus maiores ullam ullamcorper, nostrud lacinia veniam torquent? Consequuntur a lobortis magnam mollis ac, explicabo nobis, pretium omnis, adipisci placerat, nostrum …

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